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Tortillas are perfect snacks either by themselves or with fillings inside, such as meat or fish.

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Elevate your dinner tonight with fresh-made tortillas!



Tortilla prices

Tortillas are a type of Latin flatbread that is used to wrap a number of food items. The original tortilla was made of corn, but since then, many varieties have arised, such as the popular flour tortilla.


They are commonly used to prepare many dishes such as tacos, burritos and enchiladas. This is done by wrapping meat, vegetables and other foods inside them.

*Prices Subject to Change

Flour (Mini — 4", 6")

Flour (24 oz, 12 ct)

Flour (32 oz, 12 ct)

Wheat (24 oz, 12 ct)

Spinach (24 oz, 12 ct)

Chipotle (24 oz, 12 ct)